BDA offers unique educational support to families across the globe. With our specialist tutors we can:

  • Individual Assessment
  • Seek out the best strategies
  • Develop an Individual development plan - whether this be a programme of intensive support or a longer term programme to address specific needs.
  • Consider schooling options
  • Prepare for and support the taking of examinations at every stage of the school life, from school entry requirements, passing state tests or GCSE/ IGCSE through to A Level and University application.

We are proud of our success, with 100% of our students accepted into schools or Further education provision of their choice, and exam results always in the top 5%.

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Contact Information

Chez Testo, 16480, Passirac, Charente, France
Phone: 0033545782583
Mobile: 07717716591
E-mail: Contact Us

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