I was sitting relaxing on a train, drinking hot chocolate and munching on custard creams (well it had been a very hard day) when I noticed how I was eating the biscuits. In true childish fashion I pulled them apart, licked off the cream and then dunked and ate the biscuit. Hardly the adult way to munch biscuits; but then maybe it was just indicative of how tired I was feeling.

When we have had a hard day, worked late, gone that extra mile, do we not just retreat to things that make us feel safe. Comfy ‘p.js’, that favourite book or TV programme and comforting food, with maybe a warming drink.  Where ever your safe space is I suspect you will retreat to behaviour that you feel secure with, you certainly won’t want to try something new.

Next time you are supporting someone with ASD remember when they have suffered the stress of living in the neuro-typical world they too may need to retreat for a while. Let us not always insist that they leave behind their comfortable actions even if they don’t meet our ‘age appropriate’ standards. There is a time and place to address that issue; just make sure you help them to understand why they need to retreat and why it is okay.

Eating my custard cream on the train was okay, no-one was watching but if I had done it in the business meeting I had just left – definitely not. So happy dunking if you have had a tough day.

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